The Abbaca fencing company, established in 1995, plays an important role in the world of fencing performances and theatre, both within the Czech Republic and at an international level. Our members work collectively to devise pieces. The group is made up of both youngsters and also performers with many years' experience under their belts. The group's aim is to combine high quality human potential and voluntary action, whilst providing for our future development and maximising our ability to make an impression upon audiences both at home and abroad. The quality of our performances is of the utmost importance to us. Being a theatrical fencing company, we provide a rich setting for our work: we organise performances, shows and activities based around certain aesthetics, such as Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance, and the variations associated with these themes. We would encourage you to have a look at our photo galleries so that you can see for yourself the scale of our performances. The group is based in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic).